SNACK, Inc. is pleased to partner this year with the mobile, Dublin-based Rascal Unit. We'll be hosting three fix-it days in 2019 with Rascal. Our first is Tuesday, March 26 in Bellville, OH.

Pre-registration is required.  Please read this entire page BEFORE you print the Rascal forms below. NOTE: SNACK fix-it day registration forms will not be honored by the Rascal unit. This offer is for individuals only and not valid to another animals rescue organizations. Send form directly to SNACK.


  1. Print both pages of the Feline Surgery Authorization and Medical Record and the Patient Check-in Information. A two-sided copy is preferable. One form per cat.
  2. Complete the Feline Surgery Authorization and Medical Record. 
  3. Do NOT complete the Patient Check-in Information form. This form will be completed the morning of the Rascal clinic.
  4. Mail both forms along with payment of $35/cat (check or money order) to SNACK, Inc., P.O. Box 121, Sunbury, OH 43074. Please do not send cash or submit forms by email. YOUR CHECK FOR $35 COVERS SURGERY AND A ONE-YEAR RABIES VACCINATION.
  5. Do NOT mail the form or payment to Rascal.
  6. When your form is received by SNACK, you will be called and assigned a time for bringing in your cat(s) to the clinic.

Forms to Download and Print

  • Print both pages of the Feline Surgery Authorization and Medical Record. A two-sided copy is preferable. DO NOT complete Page 2 of this form.
  • Mail the entire form to SNACK.
  • Print the Rascal Surgery Information. This will answer most questions about what happens the day of surgery including feeding instructions, drop-off, pick-up and post-surgery care. Read and keep for your records.
  • Print our flyer to share with others!