Keeping Up with SNACK

June 9, 2019

Congratulations to our gas grill winner, Ben S.! We wish you many delicious meals this summer and fall! Thank you to all who bought drawing tickets to support our programs!

June 4, 2019


Our Kitten Season Fix-it Day was a big success  today. We had 30 cats in for surgery and a one-year rabies vaccination.  There were 20 females and 10 male cats. Many of the cats were kittens  (less than a year old). We had a few older cats.

Our Mid-Summer fix-it day is scheduled for  Tuesday, July 9. We are already full for females but we are accepting  registrations for males. We are adding an overflow day for the following  Tuesday, July 16. Please keep in mind, space fills quickly and  pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Information is on our  website, under the Fix-it Day tab.

Many thanks to our volunteers today, Gwen, Toni,  Sharon, Robb, Carol, Marty, and Rita, and to the professionals at the  Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic. We are especially grateful to our  donors and supporters who help fund our efforts and who support us by  donating their recyclable aluminum cans and providing us with training  pads for the cat carriers. Thanks to all!

May 14, 2019

Our Mother's Day Fix-it Day was held Tuesday at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic. We had 11 female cats, 15 male cats and one previously neutered male. Several clients reported their cats went missing Tuesday morning.

What are some strategies to make your pet cat's visit for a fix-it day or health check a success? One of the most important things is for a client to remain calm. Animals sense our emotions and moods and take a cue from us. If we are frantic, the cats are scared. A second suggestion is to acclimate your cat to a cat carrier before a trip to the veterinarian is scheduled. Place the carrier near the cat's food bowl or some place that is familiar to the cat so the morning of the fix-it day is not the first time your cat sees a carrier. Experts also suggest short car trips with your pet cat in a carrier prior to a trip to the veterinarian. After the trip, treats or food is a way to train your cat to associate car rides with pleasant events. These strategies are well worth the effort, especially if there is ever an emergency situation.

Our thanks today to our volunteers, Toni, Kim, Laurie, Marty, Debi, and Rita and the awesome professionals at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic. We are also grateful to our donors who generously support our efforts. Our next fix-it day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4. It is now full for female cats. Please check our website, for a list of our monthly fix-it days.

The Buckeye Brigade 4-H Club

The Buckeye Brigade 4-H Club