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Emergency Care for Ferals
Low Cost Spay/Neuter
Trap/Neuter/Return Help

Emergency Care for Feral Cats

If you care for one or more feral cats, at some time you may have a sick cat or injured cat in the colony. What should you do? The following tips may help:
1. Plan ahead. For example, is the veterinarian willing to treat a feral cat? Is an appointment needed? Can you afford to pay for treatment? Where can the cat recover if an extended recovery period is needed?
2. Safety first. Protect yourself from cat bites and scratches. If you have to move an injured cat, wear heavy gloves and protective clothing. Have a working flashlight at hand.
3.To protect yourself and the cat, use a humane trap or sturdy carrier for pick-up and transport to the veterinarian. Keep a supply of cat food, water, blankets, and towels handy if they are needed. Use a tarp or old shower curtain to protect your vehicle's interior.
4. A pet first aid kit may be helpful in some cases or you may want to carry a few basic items such as bandages, latex gloves, antiseptic, flea repellent, and antibacterial wipes. the Humane Society of the United States has a complete list.
5. Enlist the assistance of other caregivers if possible. They may have additional information about a particular cat, an illness, or injury in the colony.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter

We urge spay/neuter for ALL cats. For low‑cost spay neuter services:
1. Capital City Spay and Neuter Clinic, Sawbury Boulevard (NW Columbus), 614‑761‑7551
2. Shelter Outreach Services  3121 West Broad Street, Columbus   614‑396‑8707
3. Humane Society of Delaware County  4920 S.R. 37, Delaware,  740‑369‑7387
4. Colony Cats & Dogs  Dublin, 614‑593‑0055
5.  1‑800‑248‑7729

Trap/Neuter/Return Help

If you are willing to feed and shelter one or more feral cats in your area and would like help with trapping and altering the cats in your care and we are unable to assist you, please contact one of the organizations below.
1. Pet FBI
The Pet FBI web site is an information center for missing or found cats, dogs and other pets in Delaware county.
2. Colony Cats & Dogs
This group assists compassionate caregivers who are feeding and watching over homeless cats by providing TNR (trap/neuter/return) and other support services including food, shelter, vaccines and additional vet care for injuries/illness, as well as educational resources.
3. PetPromise
PetPromise is dedicated to helping to create a world where there are no more homeless pets through education, rescue, sterilization, and adoption. They work in the Columbus area.
4. Black and Orange Cat Foundation
This group primarily focuses on TNR for stray and feral cats in the Madison and Union county areas; they also help low income residents who cannot afford the cost of sterilization and medical care obtain care for their cats.