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Why SNACK Exists

Look at these old orphan kittens, unable to survive on their own and surrendered to an animal shelter. Two kittens were killed in the shelter before a humane organization was contacted and a volunteer offered to care for the other six babies. Six kittens are fortunate to have foster parents who will tend to them day and night until they are strong enough to care for themselves.

Did the person who surrendered the kittens realize they would likely be killed? Perhaps he or she thought a "shelter" could care for them? The reality is shelters often don't have the time, staff, or volunteers to care for orphan kittens. They may not have the space to care for cats that are deemed unadoptable because they are older, not social, and/or not a preferred color. The shelters may be too crowded and killing cats is considered a solution to the problem.

PLEASE save a life--spay or neuter your cat.