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TNR: Photo Essay

Three Ferals
The colony caregiver identified cats needing spay/neuter surgery.

Cat with eartip
The left ear tip indicates this cat has been spayed.

Unloading crates
The caregiver has not fed the cats today but water is provided.
The traps are baited with canned cat food.
Fried chicken and canned tuna fish are also popular trap baits.

We have trapped a cat.
The trap is covered quickly with a sheet to calm the cat.
We are ready to transport to the vet for surgery.

Miss Tigger
This cat is ready for return.

Empty traps
After surgery, rabies vaccination, ear tip, and recovery
(about 24-48 hours), the cats are returned home and released.
The traps will be cleaned and disinfected and trap covers will be washed.