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April 2017 SNACK News

CAN DONATION   When members of the Buckeye Brigade 4-H club in Marengo heard SNACK was collecting aluminum cans for recycling, they organized a can drive. Members collected from family and friends and on April 14 at their meeting, they presented SNACK with a nearly full trailer of aluminum cans! We can't wait to hear how many pounds they collected but our guess is that it is over 200 pounds.

Our thanks to the members of the 4-H club and their families for their enthusiastic support and to Darla, Dale, and Linda for their hard work in organizing the can drive and their recycling efforts! We love our volunteers!
4-H group
Thanks, Buckeye Brigade!
TRAPPING UPDATE, APRIL 12, 2017   SNACK volunteers returned to an old trapping project where a new cat was reported. The caregivers were very concerned the cat was a female and had kittens because the cat seemed thinner. They also said that a previously spayed cat looked sick and we hoped to trap her and get her in for examination.

We set the drop trap and several box traps. Unfortunately, after last week's cold and damp weather, the sick cat hasn't been seen this week and we did not see her today either. We were able to trap the new cat. We were convinced the cat was a female--but we're wrong. "Boy" is a young male cat. He was transported to the Fredericktown Vet Clinic, had his surgery, left ear tip, and a rabies vaccination. He'll rejoin his colony tomorrow when volunteers return and release him.

We were glad the caregivers were so proactive in their request for help even if the newcomer was a male cat.
Drop Trap
Drop trap set and ready
New cat
New cat in colony
It's a boy!
FIX-IT DAY, APRIL 11, 2017   We had a good turn-out for National Pet Day fix-it day with 20 female cats and 7 male cats. Most of the female cats were old enough to have kittens. It's amazing to think--if each female had 8 kittens survive this year, there would be 160 kittens who needed to find homes. We thank the 20 clients today for taking this important step to reduce feline overpopulation.

Thanks to our volunteers today--Heather, Taryn, Toni, Marty, Greg, and Rita and the professional staff at the Fredericktown Vet Clinic. Our thanks as always to our donors and fundraisers.

We have to leave a quote--since it is National Pet Day--"The smallest feline is a masterpiece." - Leonardo da Vinci
Little Kitty
Little Kitty
Feral client, hiding
QUILT DRAWING   Have a cupcake with us as we draw the winner's name of the gorgeous cat quilt! Feel free to bring a guest. Sunday, April 30, 2017, 4 PM at Ariel-Foundation Park, Kiwanis Pavilion. No RSVP is needed.

To obtain tickets, send a check via US mail to the post office box above, or use the PayPal button below. You will be mailed your tickets.

55.5 x 81 inches
SNACK WORK CONTINUES   On April 4, SNACK trappers planned to return to an ongoing project to trap two cats. The weather caused postponement of the trapping however because the nighttime temperatures were forecast to be below 40 degrees through the weekend. Volunteers felt it was too cold to return cats to the outside so soon after surgery.

Late last week, however, these same volunteers had to have one of their older cats euthanized. George was nearly 15 years old. On Monday morning, a new, friendly, unaltered male cat greeted them outside. He looked very similar in color to George. The volunteers fed him but the other colony cats ran him off and he was nowhere to be seen later in the day. However, on the morning of the cancelled trapping project, "Bourne" was back, hungry and wet from staying out all night. This time, the volunteers loaded him into a carrier and drove him to Fredericktown Vet Clinic and he is now neutered. He will return to the volunteers' home and stay inside for a few days. It's not certain where Bourne will live--stay tuned! However, if any our readers are interested in providing a forever home for Bourne, please contact us.
Bourne in transport

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March 2017 SNACK News

RASCAL UNIT, MARCH 28, 2017   Today SNACK co-sponsored Rascal Day with the Humane Society of Morrow County in Marengo. We had 25 clients with 48 cats having surgery. There were 30 females and 18 males.

Volunteers were asked by a few people today if SNACK "made money" when the Rascal unit comes to Marengo. Our group and the Humane Society offer the low-cost clinics as a community service to humanely reduce the overpopulation of cats in the area. Our support is through our fundraising, donations, and grants. While the client co-payment does help us continue, it covers only part of the cost of holding a Rascal Day.

Our thanks go to volunteers Sharon, Robb, Toni, Greg, and Rita of SNACK and to volunteers Jennifer, Laura, Connie and Miguel of the Humane Society of Morrow County; our donors and fundraisers; our hosts, the Big Walnut Township Joint Fire District; and the Rascal unit doctor and staff.
Rascal Truck
Rascal Unit
Line Up
Surgery queue
Rascal surgery patient
Rascal surgery patient
SPRING CRAFT SHOW   SNACK volunteers were pleased to participate in the Spring Crafts Show and More, sponsored on March 18 by the Auxiliary of the VFW Post 8736. We were happy to meet many of our supporters and appreciate everyone who stopped by to say hello and purchase some of our crafty cat items. Thanks to our talented crafters and volunteers, Nicolette and Jesse (pictured), Cheryl, J.R., Greg, Sharon, Robb, Toni K, and Rita.
Craft day table
SEE SNACK ON TV   Thanks to Toni M. for promoting SNACK on Daytime Columbus. Watch!
FIX-IT DAY, MARCH 14, 2017 "PI DAY"   Snow, Pie, and Cats! We had a dusting of snow this morning but not enough to stop our clients, volunteers, and clinic staff from making it to the Pi Day Fix-it Day. We had 28 cats in for surgery, including two feral mom cats. This client has worked with SNACK for nearly four years to get all her barn cats spayed and neutered. This morning, we are saying "Mission Accomplished!" and congratulate her for her diligence.

Thanks to our clients and to Toni, Robb, Sharon, Debi, Carol, Greg, and Rita, the volunteers who braved the snow, cold, and gusty winds. As always, our gratitude goes to the Fredericktown Vet Clinic for their skill and professionalism.
Pie for Pi
It's Pi(e) Day
Early morning snow
Patient waiting patiently
Oliver weighing in
DIY MINI FRIDGE SHELTER   One of SNACK's supporters, Bud R, sent these pictures of cat shelters he has made from old mini-fridges. Bud is also the inventor of the drop trap used by SNACK. If you'd like to try this yourself and have questions, contact us via email and we'll forward your questions/comments to Bud.
Entry/Exit ready to cut out
entry hole
Entry holes created
2nd model
Different fridge under construction
in use
Successfully occupied

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February 2017 SNACK News

TRAPPING UPDATE FEBRUARY 20   SNACK volunteers started a new trapping project today. Tenants abandoned a property last year and left about a dozen, mostly feral cats. Neighbors learned of the situation and asked the home owner if they could feed and care for these cats. The neighbors also contacted SNACK and volunteers started trapping today.

Below are pictures of two cats trapped today. Obi, a male, and a dilute calico, a female, were transported to the Fredericktown Vet Clinic for examination and surgery. Both cats were infested with lice but they have been treated and had surgery, a rabies vaccination, and were ear tipped. The cats will stay overnight at the clinic and will be returned to their colony tomorrow. The neighbors have generously agreed to continue caring for the cats.

It's a sad situation but makes a person feel better that the neighbors are willing to continue helping the cats. Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers.
dilute calico
Dilute Calico
FEBRUARY 14 FIX-IT DAY   It was a gorgeous day and we had a good morning with 29 cats in for surgery. The preliminary count is 19 females and 10 male cats. Most of the cats were younger and pet cats but we did have a couple of older mama cats and one feral cat. As much as we like kittens, we are happy the kitten factories are closing down today.

Below are a few pictures. The one cat, Skippy, is a polydactyl. The other cat is Piper, a beautiful tortoiseshell cat.

Thanks to our volunteers, Sharon, Robb, Toni, Carol, Cheryl, and Rita. Thanks too to the staff and doctors at the Fredericktown Vet Clinic, our donors and fundraisers, and the clients who got their cats in for surgery today.

Our next fix-it day is March 14 is full and the April 11, National Pet Day, is filling fast. Register today!
Skippy's Toes
Skippy's Toes
SNACK MILESTONE   The following text is a press release issued January 30, 2017.

Spay and Neuter Abandoned Cats and Kittens, Inc. (SNACK, Inc.) proudly announces that 2000 cats have received spay/neuter surgeries through the organization's programs since 2011. The all-volunteer, nonprofit organization reached the milestone on January 10 at its low-cost spay/neuter Fix-It Day clinic held at the Fredericktown Vet Clinic in Fredericktown.

SNACK's Executive Director, Rita Dallavalle, said, "Our mission is to reduce feline overpopulation through accessible spay/neuter options. We started the group in 2011 and we supported five surgeries that year. Last year, we supported 674 surgeries!" She added, "This is an amazing achievement for us. We feel our work is making a tremendous difference for the cats, the clients, and the communities in Knox, Morrow, and southern Richland counties especially. We couldn't do it without the generosity of our donors, the hard work of our volunteers, and our partnership with the Fredericktown Vet Clinic. We hope to move our mission forward and spay/neuter another 2000 cats in the future."

Congratulations to SNACK and all its supporters!

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January 2017 SNACK News

TNR SUCCESS STORY   We like to hear and see follow-ups from our trap/neuter/return projects! This is Leonard, a feral cat who was trapped, neutered, and returned last summer. His caregivers report he used to be wild and untouchable but as one can see, he is now a lot tamer. He loves to eat and can be touched--quite a change from his former self.
Leonard now loves a nice rub-down
Leonard is no longer afraid
JANUARY 10 FIX-IT DAY   We had an icy start to the New Year's Fix-it Day but the veterinary clinic staff, the volunteers, and most clients got to the clinic on time this morning. We had a lot of young cats in today and we applaud clients who are getting the cats spayed or neutered before the cats exhibit mating behaviors like yowling and fighting or the females have kittens.

The preliminary total for today is 17 females spayed and 10 males neutered. It's a strong start and the Valentine's Fix-it Day is now filled. Our next open fix-it day is Tuesday, March 14.

Special thanks to the volunteers for braving the bad weather--Toni, Sharon, Robb, Greg, Debi, Cheryl, and Rita! Thanks too to the clients and veterinarians and clinic staff and our generous donors and supporters!
An icy start
JANUARY BOARD MEETING   The SNACK Board of Directors met on Saturday, January 7, 2017. The activities of 2016 were reviewed and new Board members were introduced. Ben Schumacher, a new member, was elected as chair. Cheryl Clark will assume the duties of vice-chair and secretary, and Toni Metcalf was re-elected as treasurer.

The 2016 Annual Report and the 2016 Financial Summary are available by clicking on the links. The finance committee will meet in early February to finalize 2017 fundraising activities.

SNACK is run entirely by volunteers. We are grateful to everyone who supports us, both financially and through their donated time. SNACK is successful because of everyone's efforts.

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December 2016 SNACK News

FROZEN WATER TIPS   Yesterday we had a food distribution for the colony caregivers. It was a amazing group of people--very dedicated and many worried about the welfare of outside cats when it has been so cold. Some people are going out 3 or 4 times a day to make sure the cats have water to drink!

One of the volunteers mentioned trying to invent a solar water bowl. Neighborhood Cats has an article about some possible ways to cope and suggests a solar sipper. Here is the link to the article. Another volunteer suggested adding a teaspoon of sugar to the water and that helped. Any other ideas to share? Contact us.
FIX-IT DAY, DECEMBER 20    We had an awesome Fix-it Day Overflow Day with 17 female cats and 13 male cats. Thank you to today's volunteers--Taryn, Heather, Greg, Toni, Rita, Debi, and Sue.

Our preliminary total for 2016 is 366 spays and 267 neuter surgeries during fix-it days. We had 47 cats spayed or neutered in trap/neuter/return projects. The total number of SNACK-supported surgeries for this year is 680! There were over 260 clients at our fix-it days in 2016.

We are happy and proud of our achievement and the hard work of the volunteers, supporters, granters, donors, and the doctors and staffs of the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic and the RASCAL unit. We could not have reached this total without dedication and teamwork by all. Thank you and Happy New Year!
LATEST NEWSLETTER   SNACK has had a busy year. Read all the latest news here.
FIX-IT DAY, DECEMBER 13   Even the threat of snow couldn't stop us from Fix-it Day today! We had a fantastic turn-out with 20 clients, 22 female cats, and 12 male cats. Many of the cats were indoor only cats and weather is not a factor; however, clients who had barn or feral cats were cautioned to keep the cats in for a few days until they are on the road to recovery and the weather moderates.

Our thanks to volunteers--Robb, Toni, Greg, Laurie, Debi, and Rita--and the doctors and staff at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic. Our thanks too to the hard-working fundraisers and donors who make these days possible. We'll finish up 2016 next week with our last fix-it day until 2017.
A snowy start to the day
Cat waiting
Kitty waiting
Male kitty waiting
Male kitty waiting
Another male client
GAMBIER CRAFT SHOW REPORT   Thanks to everyone who attended the craft show on December 4, buying items for friends, family, and pets! SNACK earned $56 from the sale of raffle tickets for the quilt and sold $333.05 worth of crafts, bringing our total for the day to $389.05. This will certainly come in handy as we look towards 2017!

Thanks also to our steadfast crafters and workers: Debi, Toni K, Carol, Cheryl, Robb, Laurie, Sharon, Sue, Susan, Vonda, Rita, and Toni M. We couldn't do it without you!

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November 2016 SNACK News

ANNUAL QUILT OPPORTUNITY DRAWING   This is your chance to win a lovely quilt, handmade by our SNACK volunteers. Ticket sales will begin on December 4 and are just $1/each. The drawing will be held on Sunday, April 30, 2017. To obtain tickets, send a check via US mail to the post office box above, or use the PayPal button below. You will be mailed your tickets.

55.5 x 81 inches
FIX-IT DAY, NOVEMBER 15   We did it! Today, we reached our goal of 575 cats spayed or neutered for 2016 and we surpassed it! We had an amazing Mother's Day-Not Fix-it Day and had in 34 cats for surgery. Some were ferals and were trapped last night. We also had barn cats and pet cats. We are vey grateful for the commitment of these clients to our mission and the dedication of our day's volunteers--Toni, Heather, Taryn, Debi, Carol, Greg, and Rita, the professionalism and talent of the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic staff, and our loyal donors and fundraisers. Our efforts are making a difference in the community and improving the lives of these cats.

We gave our cat caretakers a carnation as a token of thanks for bringing in their cats. A reminder for everyone: Make sure your cats do NOT eat carnations! They are mildly toxic and can cause an upset stomach in cats and dogs.
Flowers for the caretakers and not the clients!
Bookmarks for caretakers
Volunteers and staff waiting for clients
Female clients in line for surgery
PetSmart ADOPTION EVENT   PetSmart hosted their National Pet Adoption weekend through Sunday, November 13. SNACK volunteers tabled at PetSmart Polaris on Friday, November 11 and we are happy to report Hillary has a new forever home! Our thanks to: Vicki, the PetSmart manager, for her hospitality to the volunteers; the adopter; and to the volunteers who spent their afternoon tabling. Good luck to Hillary and her new family!
Pets at PetSmart
The SNACK table with Donald and Hillary at PetSmart
Donald, waiting for his new family.
CRAFT SALE, DECEMBER 4   Mark your calendars for the annual Gambier Craft Sale at Kenyon College.
Event      48th Gambier Craft Sale

When       Sunday, December 4, 2016, 11am to 3:30pm

Where       Kenyon Athletic Center, 221 Duff Street, Gambier  43022

What      Here is just a sample of the goodies available. Your purchases support the work of SNACK. Thank you!

Cat toys
Toys for Kitties
Key chains
Limited Edition Key Chains
Festive Cork Wreath

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October 2016 SNACK News

FIX-IT DAY OCTOBER 11   SNACK hosted a great National Feral Cat Day Fix-it day. We had 29 cats in for surgery including 5 feral cats. There were 16 females and 13 males. Two volunteers, Cheryl and Gabby, trapped feral cats late last night and early this morning and transported them into the clinic at 8 a.m. That is dedication!

Thank you to the intake volunteers this morning--Sharon, Robb, Toni, Greg, and Rita and our discharge volunteers of Marty and Carol! Our thanks too, as always, to the professional doctors and staff at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic and our donors and fundraisers who help make it all possible.

Our Mother's Day fix-it day clinic is full and we are now filling the Happy Holidays fix-it day scheduled for December 13.
Opal, the clinic greeter
Black cat at weigh station
Volunteer with tortoise shell cat
NATIONAL FERAL CAT DAY, OCTOBER 16    "All Cats All Communities" is the theme of this year's National Feral Cat Day on October 16, 2016. This theme reflects SNACK's mission statement and programs: that is, cats' lives--whether feral (also called community cats, barn cats, or free-roaming cats), stray, or pets--are important. Humane policies to protect cats benefit neighborhoods, communities, and individuals. SNACK will celebrate National Feral Cat Day by holding a low-cost fix-it day clinic on October 11 at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic and continuing our trap/neuter/return program until cold weather arrives.

Our trap/neuter/return program (TNR) for feral cats is in its sixth year. TNR is the only effective way to humanely and effectively control the free-roaming cat population. The cats pictured here live in a family group called a colony and are bonded to their environment and colony. These cats are the same species as a pet cat but are not adoptable because they are not socialized to humans. In our TNR program, volunteers work to stabilize the colony population. The cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated with a one-year rabies vaccination, ear tipped, and then returned to their outdoor home to live their natural lives. A colony caregiver provides basic care such as food, water, and shelter.

National Feral Cat Day, affordable and accessible spay/neuter days, and trap/neuter/return programs--all small actions that benefit cats, individuals, neighborhoods, and communities.
Cat near forest
Cat staying close to cover for safety
Cat in shrubs
Shrubs provide good cover for ferals
Colony cats
Colony cats
Colony cats
Two of colony cats with visible eartip
Trapped cat
TRAPPING REPORT, OCTOBER 7    This morning volunteers returned to a project they started last week. This time they used the drop trap because they didn't want to trap the previously trapped kittens. Mom was trapped right away using tuna as bait. She was moved to a box trap and then transported to the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic for surgery and recovery overnight.

One kitten remains to be trapped. Volunteers are hoping good weather continues and they can return.
Drop trap baited and set
Mom cat in box trap
GRANT RECEIVED    SNACK is the proud recipient of a grant from GreaterGood to provide Meloxicam (brand name Metacam) to cats in need. This grant is valued at $485.00 and will help the cats undergoing surgeries in our low cost spay/neuter clinics feel less pain after surgery. Thank you GreaterGood!

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September 2016 SNACK News

TRAPPING REPORT, SEPTEMBER 30    Volunteers had an early start this morning at a new project with a mom cat and her three kittens. Two kittens were successfully trapped in one trap while Mom cat watched. The volunteers drove away from the premises and left the traps in care of the client, but Mom was too smart for a box trap. We're hoping the cold weather won't arrive and volunteers can try a drop trap and a different bait in a week or so. SNACK's goal is to stabilize the cat population in this colony before spring.

The two kittens are a male and a female. They were transported to the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic in one trap. After surgery and a rabies vaccination today, they will be returned to their home tomorrow in separate traps.
Black and white female
Grey and white male
RASCAL REPORT, SEPTEMBER 20    SNACK had an amazing day today in Marengo working with the RASCAL unit and the Humane Society of Morrow County. 50 cats had spay or neuter surgery. Clients came from Morrow, Knox, and Delaware counties. Thanks to Jennifer of the Humane Society of Morrow County who handled registrations; Toni, Robb, Greg, Sue, and Rita, SNACK volunteers, who staffed the event; the RASCAL doctor and staff; and the Big Walnut Township Fire Department who hosted the event and our donors and supporters.

SNACK has now supported over 500 spay/neuter surgeries this year. Our next fix-it day events are National Feral Cat Day on October 11 (full), Mother's Day on 11/15, and a Happy Holidays Fix-it Day on December 13.
Rascal Truck
Rascal Truck
Cat Client
Kitty Patient
Me Out!
Me Out Too!
TRAPPING REPORT, SEPTEMBER 16    Today volunteers began a trapping project at a large colony with over 10 cats. They are trying to do what they can before bad weather arrives and they have to set aside the traps for the year.

Most of the cats in this colony are orange and white and there are a couple of brown tigers according to the client. This morning, volunteers saw four cats and trapped all four--all females they think. The traps were covered with large sheets to keep the cats calm and then they were transported to Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic. The cats will have surgery in the afternoon and receive a rabies vaccination and left ear tip. After they recover overnight at the clinic, volunteers will return in the morning to take them back to their home.

Depending on the weather, volunteers plan a return to trap this fall or early in the spring.
Brown Tiger
Brown Tiger
Brown Tiger
Another Brown Tiger
Waiting for Transport
Orange and White
Orange and White Feral
FIX-IT DAY REPORT, SEPTEMBER 13, 2016   SNACK hosted a fantastic fix-it day--16 females and 17 male cats brought in for surgery. Most were younger kittens, less than 6 months old with a couple of feral cats as well. SNACK's year-to-date total is over 460 cats spayed/neutered and SNACK plans on making its goal of 575 cats by the end of 2016! What a huge benefit to the cats and the community!

Our thanks go to the morning intake team of Robb, Sharon, Toni, Greg, and Rita and to the discharge team of Carol and Marty. Thanks too to the professional staff of the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic and our fund raisers and donors who make it all possible.

Our next fix-it day is on October 11 and we will celebrate National Feral Cat Day. It is full as of today. November 15 is our next open date and SNACK will host a Mother's Day Fix-it Day. Details soon!
Cat Wave
Paws Up!
Feral Tom
Feral Tom
TRAPPING REPORT, SEPTEMBER 8    Mr. Garfield has been an infrequent visitor to a volunteer's house for over 6 months. Somehow he shows up on fix-it days or weekends--times when it is not feasible to set a trap for him. Early on September 8, he was at their back door; the volunteers set a trap, were successful, and brought Mr. Garfield to the vet clinic. They picked him up the following day to return to his colony.

Volunteers believe he comes from a home about a half-mile away. They have a lot of cats. He is a young tom and not very aggressive and maybe was chased off by the cats at his colony. He comes around to visit the other cats at the volunteer's home--not for females particularly. He doesn't follow a feeding schedule and disappears for weeks at a time which is why it has taken so long to get him. He was visiting over the weekend (as usual!) but volunteers thought they might have a chance if they could hook him on a steady food supply. This morning they had the opportunity.
Meet Mr. Garfield
Mr. Garfield before trapping
Mr. Garfield after trapping

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August 2016 SNACK News

TRAPPING REPORT, AUGUST 26    Volunteers worked at two trapping projects today.

The first was in a city parking lot. Volunteers trapped there about a month ago after the caregivers reported a kitten in the colony. Volunteers were unsuccessful and CityKitty then disappeared for a couple of weeks. All were concerned for her safety but she returned to the colony last week.

Because volunteers were trapping previously neutered cats, they returned this morning with a drop trap rather than a typical box trap. The picture shows the drop trap set. There is a string to pull the trap when the appropriate cat enters the trap. This video shows when CityKitty gets into the trap and the volunteer pulls the string to drop the trap. Once the trap was covered with a sheet to keep the cat calm, volunteers used bungee cords to attach a box trap to the drop trap. Then the drop trap door was opened and CityKitty moved to the box trap for transport.

CityKitty is a young female. She was transported to the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic for surgery and vaccinations. Volunteers will return her in the morning to one of the colony caregivers who will work to socialize her. SNACK feel so fortunate that the volunteers were successful in trapping because of the concerns about her safety and adding kittens to a city parking lot is so perilous.

At the second trapping project, volunteers were unsuccessful in their trapping efforts. They plan a return next month.
Drop Trap Set
Drop trap Set
CityKitty Transfer
Transfer of CityKitty to box trap
CityKitty Transport
CityKitty ready to transport
TRAPPING REPORT, AUGUST 23 (continued from AUGUST 22)   Volunteers returned this morning to yesterday's feral colony and trapped another cat--7 total. They plan to return to the colony in 3 or 4 weeks to resume trapping after they assess how many cats remain in the colony.
TRAPPING REPORT, AUGUST 22   SNACK volunteers were out in the pre-dawn hours trapping at a large feral colony. They caught six cats before 8 am! The cats were transported to Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic for surgery, ear-tipping and a rabies vaccination. Of the six, there were two nursing mom cats. The mother cats will be returned late this afternoon and released when the anesthesia has worn off so they can continue nursing their kittens.

The caregiver fed the remaining cats a small amount of food this afternoon and then picked it up after a half hour. We're hoping these actions will leave the cats hungry enough so they are easy to catch in the morning when volunteers will return.
Trap Set
Trap baited and set
TRAPPING REPORT, AUGUST 19   Volunteers worked on two trapping projects today. Trapping Project One is a project from 2013 with a new cat. Last night, volunteers trapped Sylvester. He spent the night on a protected porch and was transported this morning to the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic to be neutered. Trapping Project Two is a new project. Volunteers trapped two female cats this morning. Three or four socialized kittens remain but are too small for surgery.The client plans to bring them into the next fix-it day in September. A feral tom cat remains as well and SNACK will wait to see if Tom drifts away once the females are spayed. If he stays, volunteers will return and trap him--or at least try.

All the cats were returned to their homes the morning after surgery.
Project 2 cat
Cat from Project Two
Project 2 cat
Second cat from Project Two
FIX-IT DAY REPORT, AUGUST 16, 2016   We had a huge fix-it day today--28 cats, 18 females and 10 males! The pictures show the crowd at the weigh-in. Heather, Taryn, Toni, and Greg did a great job getting the cats in, weighed and lined up for surgery. Surgery started right at 8 am and before we left at 9:30, some cats were already in recovery. Volunteers Marty and Carol handled the evening discharge.

Our thanks to the doctors and staff at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic, our donors and supporters, our volunteers, and the clients who are getting the cats into the clinics.
Volunteers at weigh station
Patients waiting for surgery
After surgery, recovering
Clean Up
Volunteer Greg picking up signs
RASCAL REPORT AUGUST 2, 2016   Dr. G saw 49 cats today and did 47 spay/neuter surgeries. There were 26 females, 21 males, one male was previously neutered, and one male was too small for surgery. Many of the patients were kittens. We applaud the clients who are taking care of neutering their pets at an early age.

Our thanks to Chief Bill Smith of the College Township Fire Department, Dr. G and the RASCAL staff, our volunteers today--Toni, Debi, Sue, Sharon, Robb, Greg, and Rita--and the other volunteers and supporters who helped to promote the day. For our first time "on our own" with RASCAL, we are very pleased with the turn-out and with helping the cats and people in the community.

Our next fix-it day at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic is in two weeks, Tuesday, August 16. Only a few spots remain. After this Back-to-School fix-it day, we'll be booking for our September 13 fix-it day.
Rascal Truck
RASCAL Unit 2 in Gambier
Honey, a young kitten
Patients waiting
RASCAL tech working on surgery packs
Kitten waiting for surgery

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July 2016 SNACK News

TRAPPING UPDATE, Week of July 24   Early on Friday morning (July 29), volunteers went to an urban cat colony where there was a report of a new kitten resident. The caregivers have managed this colony for over 10 years and there are two cats who have been there for about 8 years. The pictures show one of the set traps and one of the cats looking at the trap. Our trappers watched for a few minutes, trapped and released one of residents, and waited for the kitten to appear. A tree trimmer crew then arrived with power tools and a loud limb grinder. So much for trapping!

Volunteers returned the following morning (July 30) when they felt there would be little chance of tree trimmers or other activity in an effort to trap the kitten. There were no tree trimmers but no success either. Volunteers saw five cats--two black cats, the tiger seen previously, a gray/white ear-tipped cat, and the kitten. They trapped the tiger cat but not the kitten. It is a positive development that she is at the feeding station when the caregivers normally feed the cats. She is becoming a regular.

Volunteers will try again next weekend and use a drop trap in an attempt to avoid trapping cats they don't want to catch. We are grateful for the persistence of our volunteer trappers!
Trap set
Trap set
Colony cat
One of the colony cats inspects trap
Black cat
Black cat #2
Ear Tip
Ear-tipped cat at the urban project
Drain Cat
Cat inspecting drain
TRAPPING UPDATE, July 15   SNACK trappers were out today at two projects. We were able to finish one project and took in a female cat for surgery this morning. We have been trying to trap her since early April. Most recently, the client was using a trap as a feeding station and that worked this morning. Her picture is below.

At the second project, volunteers were not successful but plan a return visit in about 3 weeks.
Elusive female
JULY 12 FIX-IT DAY    We had an awesome day--27 cats from 5 counties, 16 female cats and 11 males. If each female cat had just one litter this year with 5 kittens, there would 90 more kittens for clients to provide with food, shelter, and care. Spay/neuter surgery makes a huge difference for the cat, the clients and the community.

Our sincere thanks to our donors and supporters, our fund raisers, volunteers today--Linda, Heather, Taryn, Carol, Toni, Marty, Greg, and Rita--and the staff and veterinarians at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic! Our next clinic is in Gambier on August 2 followed by a Fix-it Day Clinic in Fredericktown on August 16.

The pictures are some of the "purr-sonalities" in attendance today. (We didn't have one black cat!)

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June 2016 SNACK News

JUNE 25 RASCAL UNIT EVENT    SNACK co-hosted an amazing day on June 25 in Marengo. There were 51 cats--27 females spayed, 21 males neutered, 2 females were previously spayed, and one male was previously neutered. Clients and cats were from 4 counties--Delaware, Crawford, Knox, and Morrow. We are grateful to Dr. Gonzalez of the Rascal Unit and her staff, Jennifer of the Humane Society of Morrow County and their volunteers, SNACK volunteers--Toni, Debi, Sue, Greg, and Rita, the Big Walnut Township Joint Fire Department for hosting us, and our donors and supporters. We ARE making a difference.

Our next fix-it day on July 12 at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic is nearly full. We will host the Rascal Unit in Gambier on Tuesday, August 2. Please check this website for details and register early!
Rascal Day client
Some of the line-up in the morning
Empty carriers while clients in surgery
Rascal Truck
Rascal Unit 2, the cat unit
Stanley, the Rascal Unit 4-legged assistant
JUNE 20 FIX-IT DAY    SNACK hosted an awesome fix-it day today with 22 cats spayed or neutered (13 females, 9 males) and one previously spayed female. Our thanks to the clients, the volunteers (Robb, Sharon, Greg, Toni, Marty, Carol, and Rita), the doctors and staff at the Fredericktown Veterinary clinic, our supporters and donors. Well done!

Our next fix-it day is the Midsummer Fix-it Day on Tuesday, July 12.
The overflow waiting area
Mr. Dot with Dr. Ann
TRAPPING NEWS UPDATE, week of June 10, 2016   Volunteer trappers were advised by a colony care-giver that 3 new adult cats had recently shown up at this long-established colony of community cats and needed to be brought in for neutering. The volunteers baited and waited. The first cat to show up was white with tiger stripes around his face and tail. He was VERY friendly, and a volunteer was easily able to place him into a carrier for transport. After more waiting, a handsome black and white tuxedo cat began hanging around observing but not moving too close. Then a third cat, a grey tiger, came out of the weeds and went behind some pallets that were stacked nearby. Another smaller grey tiger popped its head up and followed what volunteers now knew was momma under the pallets. More kittens appeared, 4 in all; we estimate they are 6-7 weeks old but never seen by the care-giver.

Volunteers were able to trap "momma" and take her and "Mr. Friendly" for S/N. "Mr. Friendly" turned out to be already neutered; the volunteers will return to the site next week to try and get the tuxedo cat and 4 kittens.
Momma shortly after surgery
Momma after release
Feeding station
Momma disappearing near feeding station
Mr. Friendly
Mr. Friendly
Mr. Friendly
Mr. Friendly wandering off
Path used by cats between weeds and pallets
JUNE 7 FIX-IT DAY   We had 20 cats this morning--17 females and 3 males. Several of the female cats had kittens earlier this year. Kudos to the clients who brought them in today. Our thanks also to our volunteers, Carol, Marty, Robb, Sharon, Toni, Greg, and Rita, the doctors and staff at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic, and our donors and fundraisers.

Our group's year-to-date total of spay/neuters stands now at over 220 surgeries. Our next fix-it day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 21.
Weigh Station
Client Cat at the weigh station
Weigh In
Another way to be weighed
Waiting for surgery
Prep before surgery; vaccine
Footsie, a male client

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May 2016 SNACK News

TRAPPING NEWS UPDATE, MAY 25, 2016    Volunteers never quit. They returned to a project on May 25, trying to trap 6 feral kittens and a mother cat. They were able to trap 4 of the 6 kittens, whose pictures are below.

The kittens are about 8 weeks old and volunteers will work to socialize them so they become friendly around people and a home environment and are adoptable. They are at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic now, being tested and starting on their vaccinations. Fosters will take over in the next few days.

Volunteers plan to return to the project next week and try for the mother cat again. The clients are using a training trap as a feeding station, hoping to familiarize her with going into a trap.
Donald and Marco
Donald and Marco
Trap used as a feeding station
Event:       Cats Only Low Cost Spay/Neuter Day

Who:    SNACK and the Rascal Unit (Mobile Veterinary Clinic based in Columbus)

When:    Tuesday, August 2, 2016 (Drop off time will be assigned between 9 am and 10 am)

Where:    College Township Fire Department, 102 East Brooklyn Street, Gambier

Please note:    Rascal Unit Days are NOT the same as fix-it days. Please read this info before registering.

Register:    Feral, strays, and pet cats are welcome. Pre-registration and pre-payment are Required. The $25/cat cost includes spay/neuter surgery, a one-year rabies vaccination, and ear-tipping for feral cats. Registration forms and day of surgery info are available.

Forms and payment (check or money order made out to SNACK, Inc.) must be mailed with payment to SNACK, Inc, P.O. Box 121, Sunbury, OH 43074. You will receive confirmation by phone when we receive your form. NO refunds.

REGISTER IN PERSON An in-person registration will be held on Sunday, July 17 at the Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County, 201 N. Mulberry Street, Mount Vernon from 1 to 3 P.M. Registration forms will be available and volunteers can answer your questions about the event. Payment must be made at registration and cash, money order, or a check (to SNACK, Inc.) will be accepted.

Questions: Email or call 614-371-8996.
LATEST TRAPPING NEWS   This has been a busy trapping month for SNACK volunteers. On May 20, one of two cats left at a project to be trapped, neutered and returned was captured. He is an adult male with lots of scratches on his face. We're hopeful that when he returns to his colony, he won't roam as much and will stay out of the briars. Doc is pictured below.
TRAPPING NEWS   Volunteers returned to a project on May 18 they thought they had finished last fall. The client contacted SNACK in April with news they had a new cat in the colony. After a trapping date was arranged, the client put all of the cats on a feeding schedule for a couple weeks and stopped food yesterday morning. Today when volunteers arrived, the cats were hungry and it was easy to trap the new cat quickly. Mr. Spots was neutered and he will spend the night at the veterinary clinic. He will return to his colony in the morning.
Mr. Spots
Mr. Spots
TRAPPING NEWS   Volunteers returned to a trapping project this morning. Two weeks ago on April 19, they trapped two cats and today they trapped two more. The client reports Ghost, a long-hair tiger, is a frequent visitor to the colony and visits other areas. This morning he was trapped and he is now neutered, has a rabies vaccination, and is ear-tipped. The other picture is Smoke. She is one of two black cats in the colony. Two cats remain to be trapped.
Ghost, again
Ghost, again
SAVE THE DATE   Register now for the next RASCAL Unit spay/neuter clinic on June 25th. This event is for cats only and will be held at the Big Walnut Joint Fire District in Marengo. A limited number of spots are available, so register early. Forms and more details are available at

Please print the flyer and share with others!
Team SNACK Walks On   It was a cool, dreary day for the CapCity Half Marathon, but Team SNACK was undeterred. Six walkers completed either the quarter or half marathon; all are grateful for the support of our donors to help continue the important work of SNACK.
Before race
Check out these medals
A pair of happy finishers
The smiles tell the story
Bagels and medals are good together
MAY 3 FIX-IT DAY    We had 17 females and 4 males for surgery today. Since SNACK was started in 2011, the group has supported over 1500 spay/neuters. That is a lot of cats and a lot of kittens!

The pictures show one of the cats, Twyla. Twyla was a stray and the kind-hearted client brought her into her home to keep her out of the cold weather. She then had kittens. The kittens are now old enough to be on their own so Twyla was in for her surgery today. The other picture shows Dr. Cat and the reunion with one of her bottle babies from July. She was happy to see her!

As always, special thanks to our volunteers today--Robb, Toni, Greg, Carol, Marty, and Rita. Thanks to the staff and veterinarians at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic, and thanks to our donors and hard-working fundraisers.
Twyla cat
Twyla again
Vet and cat
Dr. Cat reunites with one of her bottle babies

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April 2016 SNACK News

LATEST TRAPPING NEWS    Volunteers participated in a trapping project the morning of April 19. This colony formed last summer. There are 5 cats and they appear to be young adults--Old Yeller (pictured below), two tiger cats (one was trapped), and two black cats. There is another male cat who visits regularly to eat but roams and doesn't stay. The two cats will have their spay or neuter surgery, a left ear tip, and rabies vaccination. They will spend the night at the clinic and will be returned to their colony the following morning.

Volunteers will return in a week or two to try again. Perhaps they will use a different bait or a different approach on trapping the remaining cats.
Tiger Cat
Feral tiger
Old Yeller
Old Yeller
TRAPPING UPDATE   The rain has stopped for now and volunteers were able to get out and start a new project the morning of April 12. This pretty kitten was born last fall and is now ready to have kittens of her own. There is one other kitten and we'll return to the project in a couple weeks to try and trap her and stop the colony from increasing.

See a video of the release. Warning: It's quick!
Feral Kitten
Feral Kitten
Feral Kitten
Another view, same kitten
APRIL 5 FIX-IT DAY   We had a good fix-it day today--20 cats spayed or neutered. We had many more registered but several were feral and eluded trapping. We are happy to report that 3 of the 20 cats were feral cats so it's a great sign the people took the time and effort to get the cats fixed today. Thanks to volunteers--Heather, Taryn, Laurie, Greg, Debi, Carol, Toni, and Rita; the doctors and staff at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic, the clients who got the cats in, and our donors and those who helped with fundraising. Our year-to-date tally on fix-it days is 98 females spayed and 79 males neutered.
Feral Client
Feral cat client
Warning Sign
Reminder to NOT feed before surgery
KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM   It's that time of year again! Re-enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Your participation makes a huge difference to a group like SNACK. In 2015, we received over $600 from the program, just by using your Kroger Plus Card when you shop and designating SNACK as the recipient of your community rewards.

To re-enroll, go to Kroger Rewards. Have your Kroger Plus Card ready. Sign in using your email address and password. View your profile and then designate Spay and Neuter Abandoned Cats and Kittens, group #96747, as receiving the rewards. It's that easy!
TEAM SNACK IS ON THE MOVE!   Just 26 days until Team SNACK steps off in the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus. The six walkers are training hard and nearly ready. Here, Ben S models Team SNACK's shirt, front and back. Our goal is to raise $1,000 which will be matched by a donor to reach our other goal this year--spay/neuter of 575 cats. Click here to donate.
Shirt Front View
Walker Ben S. models shirt
Shirt Back View
Back view of Ben S. and shirt

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March 2016 SNACK News

RASCAL REPORT   The March 22 visit by the Rascal Unit was a big success. Volunteers greeted 31 females and 17 males for spay/neuter services. About 10 of the cats were feral. The veterinarian said there were a number of bite wounds and abscesses on the ferals; it was long day for her and the staff because they were not only fixing cats, but cleaning wounds as well.

We thank the Humane Society of Morrow County and the Big Walnut Joint Fire District for hosting this event. The next day with HS of MC, SNACK, and the Rascal Unit is on Saturday, June 25.
Rascal Unit 2
Rascal Unit 2 arrives
Volunteers at work
Checking in the cats
Volunteers line up cats
Cats waiting
Cats waiting their turns
FIX-IT DAY REPORT MARCH 15   It was a dark and rainy start to the Ides of March fix-it day. Twenty-one cats were in for surgery: 12 males and 9 females. Our thanks go to our donors, volunteers, the clients for taking this step for their cats' health, and the clinic doctors and staff. Our next fix-it day at the Fredericktown Veterinary Clinic is in three weeks, Tuesday, April 5.
Gloomy morning
A gloomy beginning
Cats in hallway
Clients wait in the hall
Keeping the cat calm
The carrier is partially covered to help keep the kitty calm
FIX-IT DAY REPORT    We had a beautiful start to Ohio's 213th Birthday fix-it day. We had 25 cats in for surgery although one female was spayed previously. Our thanks go to the volunteers, the clinic staff, and the clients. Our next fix-it day, the Ides of March, on March 15 is full. Our April fix-it day will be held on April 5.
Quiet Start
The signs are posted
Volunteers discussing
Volunteers discuss plans for the day

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February 2016 SNACK News

MOBILE RASCAL UNIT   The Humane Society of Morrow County and SNACK in cooperation with the Columbus based mobile RASCAL Unit will host a Spay/Neuter Clinic on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at the Big Walnut Joint Fire District, Marengo, OH. Download the registration form and additional information. Questions should be directed to
FIX-IT DAY REPORT    The February 9 fix-it day event was crowded! Thirty-four cats were brought in by their humans -- 21 females and 13 males. A multitude of thanks to the clinic doctors and staff, our volunteers who staffed the event (Toni, Robb, Sharon, Sue, Debi, Greg, Rita), volunteers Gail and Sue who posted flyers, and the clients who managed to get the cats in. Together we are making progress in lowering the number of unwanted cats and kittens

Our next fix-it day on March 1 is already full for females. SNACK will sponsor an additional overflow day on March 15, "The Ides of March Fix-It Day". Register here.
Crated Cats
A crowded waiting room
Patiently waiting
Another patient waiting.

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January 2016 SNACK News

JANUARY 5 FIX-IT DAY   Whew! What a great start to 2016. We had 29 cats in today for surgery--17 males and 12 females. Thanks to our volunteers, including Robb, Toni, Greg, Laurie, Heather, Rita (who all worked the event) and Sue and Gail for posting flyers. Thanks to the clients for taking this step to improve their cats' lives and the veterinary clinic staff for their hard work. Thanks too to our donors and fundraisers who support the effort. Our next fix it day will be February 9.
Waiting their turn
Polly checks out the scene
Recovery Area
Recovery area.

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