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Can Bin

Get Involved: Collect Cans

You tip the can to your lips so the last drops of your favorite beverage drain into your mouth. You enjoy the flavor and think about a second as the aluminum can is off to your recycle bin.

For the volunteers of Spay and Neuter Abandoned Cats and Kittens (SNACK), Inc., recycling aluminum cans is part of our Cans for Cats Fundraiser. Since SNACK began collecting cans and scrap metal, volunteers have gathered nearly 2 tons of recyclable metal and earned about $2500. These funds have paid spay or neuter expenses for over 50 cats.

In 2015, volunteers will be picking up cans and scrap metal to raise $500.00 for our Cans for Cats Fundraiser. You too can help SNACK by redeeming your aluminum cans at your local scrap metal dealer and donating the proceeds. Or, if you live in Delaware, Knox, Morrow, or Richland Counties, SNACK volunteers will pick up your collected cans. Just email us at to schedule a pick-up.

SNACK extends special thanks to the Blackhawk Golf Course in Galena and to Jack G, owner, for allowing us to place the collection bin at the course.